Precision Guiding Improvement- COURAGE 2019

Through 2019 the middle and senior leadership of the college has been sharpening what we are about to ensure clarity in targets and teacher actions. This work took many weeks of collaboration across all staff looking at the three domains we are given by the diocese annually for school improvement of Learning and Teaching, Wellbeing for Learning and Mission. It is underpinned by the Diocese Learning Principles which has this important preamble:

We understand that in order to engage our students in active, relevant learning that constantly builds their knowledge across a broad range of content and skill areas, teachers across the Diocesan School System need to be both challenged and supported to deepen their own knowledge of curriculum, assessment and instruction. The result is dynamic teaching that directly and intelligently responds to student learning needs, informed by curriculum expectations.

Earlier in the year we published COURAGE, an acronym that summarises the characteristics we want to see in a graduate of our college. We began with Teaching and Learning. As learners a graduate of the college will have







Ethical awareness

In order for this to occur there are teacher actions / dispositions that are required.

Through Teacher Actions:

  • Every student is valued and accommodated as a capable learner

  • Learning is purposeful, relevant and rigorous

  • Students are provided with opportunities to self direct their learning

  • Students are supported to think, collaborate, create and communicate in their learning

  • Students reflect on and  respond to feedback in order to improve their learning

Further work with staff has concluded our profiles for Wellbeing for Learning and Mission.

Through a focus on Wellbeing for Learning there are also required teacher actions / dispositions:

Through Teacher Actions:

  • Each individual’s capabilities are acknowledged and celebrated. 

  • Students are able to recognise and regulate emotions

  • Students develop empathy for others and take responsibility for themselves 

  • Students work effectively both individually and in teams. 

  • Students are empowered to handle challenging situations 

  • Students are given opportunities to develop social and personal capabilities for life. 

Through a focus on Mission informed by our faith, Catholic Social Teaching and the example of our founder Blessed Edmund Rice there are also teacher actions / dispositions that are required:

Through Teacher Actions:

  • Students value inclusion, acceptance and tolerance 

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in worship, and put faith in action in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice

  • Students demonstrate stewardship through service 

  • Students grow in discernment, making careful distinctions in thinking about truth (understanding others’ perspective) 

  • Students respect self, others, environment and God 

2020 sees us with clear targets set against this framework to make us accountable to ourselves and our community. Much discussion was entered into by each team of staff to set clear targets for themselves under college targets. These will be measured and checked in on as the year progresses to ensure we meet the ongoing improvements in outcomes we have set yourselves .

An exciting year ahead.

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